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How solar collector (double layer evacuated glass tube) and heat pipe generate hot water from sun light?

Our solar collector is a double layer evacuated glass tube made from boron silica 3.3 know as supper glass or king of glass and coated with AL-N-AL a high efficiency solar absorbance (low reflect). A double layer evacuated tube act as insulation to protect heat loss from tube plus a high efficiency solar absorbance coated made our solar collector be a high efficiency solar collector. Even hot water temperature reach 600C you can touch the glass tube and feel it still normal temperature.

Solar collector absorbed heat from sun light and transfer to refrigerant in heat pipe through an aluminum fin.Aluminum fin serve more efficiency heat transfer to copper heat pipe and to refrigerant. Low temperature liquid refrigerant absorbed heat and change phase from liquid refrigerant to hot refrigerant vapor and flow to upper part
of heat pipe.

Hot refrigerant vapor transfer heat to cold water at the bulb on top of heat pipe and change phase to cold liquid refrigerant flow to bottom of heat pipe by gravity and repeat cycle again. Cold water absorbed heat from hot refrigerant vapor and raise temperature to hot water. Refrigerant is a media transfer heat from sun light to water.

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Why you have to use solar-heat pump hybrid hot water generating system?

Sun shine only in day time, raise water temperature need time to raise water temperature step by step this is the reason that we need a hot water storage tank in the system. This storage tank shall be well insulated. Due to we can’t control the sun, some time strong sun light, some time weak sun light, some time raining and no sun
light in night time. So, we need heat pump to back-up out hot water generating system.

Solar collector generated hot water and send into hot water storage tank. A hot water circulating pump control by differential thermostat SA136 will pump hot water in hot water tank and circulate through solar collector.Temperature sensing bulb T2 sense hot water temperature in hot water tank and T1 sensing hot water temperature in solar collector. Normally we set temperature different at 80C, when T1 read temperature 80C higher than T2 the SA136 will on hot water circulating pump to circulate hot water from sola collector to hot water storage tank. The temperature of hot water in storage will rise step by step. For guest safety, SA136 can set to stop hot water circulating pump when hot water in storage tank reach 60C.

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In case of hot water circulating pump stop working when hot water tank reach 60C but still strong sun light, hot water in solar collector may reach boiling point water vapor will blow out at auto air vent.

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