Racking and Storage

SCZ Engineering is the Sole-distributor for Multi-store Thailand in Myanmar. We have been in the racking and warehouse solution business for over 10 years. We specialize in giving our customers the right storage system for their materials.

We focus on giving our customers the entire package including drawings, layouts, path ways for forklifts and reach trucks, ventilation, entrance and exits. We give our customers Consultation and others services as FOC.

As the cost of land and warehouse in Myanmar is getting higher day by day, we help our customers by giving them Maximum Storage in Minimum Space. By using racking for storage, we have the following advantages :

  1. Is systematic in storing and which results in easily checking the stock and managing the bin cards for products in and out.
  2. Has good ventilation and is easy to load and unload.
  3. Saves labor cost.
  4. Is First-In, First-Out (FIFO) racking system.
  5. Reduces damage as it is designed to store systematically and orderly.
  6. Cuts investment by achieving maximum storage in the minimum space.
  7. Is easy to install/uninstall, and easy to move to any place and reinstall in a short period of time. And is easily extendable.