Private Home & Villas


ESS is a renewable energy of hotwater generator. Heat Pump use the refrigeration
cycle to accomplish this process. Not only change global warming to be usable heat energy get also the cold energy.
ESS work with the same process as an air-conditioning in our office or residence. Only some point different.An evaporator is installed outdoor, and fan drawn surrounding air and moisture flow through evaporator coil. Liquid R134A (non CFC)refrigerant from expansion valve flow in to an evaporator absorb heat from surrounding air and moisture then refrigerant change it phase from liquid to low pressure refrigerant vapor.
This low pressure refrigerant vapor discharge into a heat exchange.Where heat from high pressure and high temperature refrigerant vapor is rejected to water refrigerant vapour.19265087_1487345011332464_453509147_n

Outstanding Feature.,

  • Easy for setting- Just connect pipes in-out and plug.
  • Automatic System -Can set timer On/Off.
  • Generate cool air 25’C -can connect air duct for using.
  • Stainless steel tank for longtime usage.
  • Completed with Engineering solution and Services.
  • Enough to use up to 4-5 Bath rooms.

                                               “Save ENERGY save The WORLD”