Our Services

We provide one-stop engineering service for hot and chilled water system. Our group of engineers will conduct a detail survey of your facility. Our services includes :

  • Detail survey of the facility
  • Survey of the layout
  • Free M&E consultation
  • Water quality test/ mineral test
  • Hotel Hot water Solution
  • Commercial Hot water solution
  • Regional Solar Capacity
  • Energy Consumption report
  • Energy Consumption Comparison and Cost Comparison
  • Return of Investment
  • Detail M&E design and drawing for Pipes
  • Installation of HeatPump and other equipment
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • HeatPump User training
  • Servicing and Cleaning
  • Warranty of product


We also provide many additional services free of charge for our racking system as well

  • Site survey
  • Racking Design
  • Drawing of the warehouse and racking system
  • Consultation and etc

Our engineer team will provide you with the right equipment and racking system for your cargo depending on your size, weight, handling method and other preferences. Our years of experience in the Warehousing has given has the capabilities to give solution to our customers.

Our motto is “Minimum Space, Maximum Storage”