Hotels & Residence

ESS is the best solution to get hot water compare to Electric heater,burning fuel or fossil to generate heat.

Due to minimum loss 10% in the burning process mean you have to burn 100 Kyats for heat value of 90 Kyats. Since ESS is generate heat by electricity that just pay pumping cost 100 Kyats but get 400 Kyats for heating value plus another 300 Kyats for cool air.
ESS is simple, easy and safe to operate as an air-conditioner, unlike boiler which
complicate, difficult and risk of fire or explosion so the operator must have skill, higher experience and need operation license. To maintenance ESS is an easy job, low expense and no any periodic hydrostatic test with license engineer as boiler.



Heat Pump is a renewable energy of hot water generator. Heat Pump use the refrigeration cycle to accomplish this process. Not only change global warming to be usable heat energy get also the cold energy.

Why should select ESS!!!

  • 70 % Energy Saving !
  • Significant Low Operating Cost With 1.5 yearR.O.I(return on investment)
  • Efficient Reliable Solutions for hot water ( 60 – 70 C ) and cool & fresh air ( 20 – 25 C) lack of  CO2 emission.
  • Save the Load of Generator and Transformer
  • Automatic Maneuvering.


                            ”Cleaning Technology for A Greener Tomorrow”