Air To Water Heat Pump System

Advantages of using Heat Pump System

  • 70% energy saving
  • Uses the heat from the air to give out hot water
  • Get cool air (air conditioning as by product)
  • Safe and environment friendly system
  • No combustible material; no fuel storage problem; no dedicated space.
  • High heat exchange performance and stable operating


Our heat pump system is energy saving because we’re recycling all the energy efficiently as above


Performance characteristics

  • Water is circulated by pump and heated through circulation, then stored in tank for different usages.
  • Automatic operation with remote system control that is easy operating and maintenance.
  • Online monitoring system to control energy usage, cool water inlet usage, hot water usage, running hour of the machine, temperature change throughout the day and many other factors
  • Sensors to re-heat the water when it drops to a certain degree
  • Controlled circulation rate to reach desire temperature
  • High efficiency in heat energy transfer
  • Quiet performance
  • Low energy consumption compared to electric heaters, boilers and LPG operated heaters